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With Mori Trust and Mori Trust Hotels & Resorts as its two sponsors, MORI TRUST Hotel Reit will realize its growth strategies, making full use of the support of the Mori Trust Group, including the two sponsor companies.

Overview of the Mori Trust Group

The business field of the Mori Trust Group comprises all businesses that will increase the value of a city, and based on this concept, the Group is developing its business with the following three operations as its key business: real estate, hotels and resorts, and investment.

Real Estate
Urban development
Office leasing
Sale and rental of upscale residences
Retail facilities / Rental conference rooms
Area management
Interior decoration / Refurbishment
Management / Operation
Hotels & Resorts
Hotel development
Attracting worldwide hotel brands
Hotel investment
Hotel management
Golf course management
Corporate membership club management
Management consulting
Capital alliance
Business alliance
Mergers and acquisitions
Fund investment
Real estate securitization
Investment trust business
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